Interval Arts

In the words of it's owner and curator Micah Purnell:

"Interval Arts is a curated outdoor art space located at the mouth of Manchester's creative northern quarter."

I've always been a big fan of people who like to do things differently, and Micah is definitely one of those people. He got in touch to see if I'd like to showcase one of my pieces 'Love Thy Neighbor' in his outdoor space and I jumped at the chance! The outdoor space is located in an interesting part of Manchester called Ancoats, a place which has seen it's fair share of hard knocks trials and tribulations, which is why I think it tied in quite nicely with my piece. 'Love Thy Neighbor' represents man confronting life and not dismissing it, in every hazard there's a highlight.

Check out the full Q&A over on Micah's site

Photo courtesy of Micah Purnell

Photo courtesy of Micah Purnell


Behance Digital Arts Feature

Starwars can be counted amongst the most legendary of sci-fi films to ever hit our screens and I for one can count it as being on my list of inspiration. With this in mind - I've whipped up some Colour and Lines based on some of the most epic scenes from the series, both from the past and the present.

The curatorial team over at Behance have chosen my project to be featured, this time in their Digital Arts arena. I'm really chuffed about this and loving the awesome comments from the public saying such ace things about my approach. 

Big thanks to the curatorial team at Behance!


T3 Magazine

T3 Magazine - Absolutely Phabulous

Having spent two years with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and only recently making my way back to Apple I found my recent commission tied in very well with the highs and lows I myself experienced.

I threw down some shapes for an article called Absolutely Phabulous and was based heavily on the cutting edge world of mobile phones. My concept explored the envious nature each device relishes between each other.

You can find the full project over on my behance page.

I originally created two colour variants and definitely think the right one was chosen, but here's a little look at the alternative below:

Alternative colourway

Alternative colourway

My favourite part of the illo's was a nice little nod to nostalgia including the trusty old Nokia 5110 - best phone I've ever had!