Colour and Lines x Instagram


Like me, your probably one of those people who can't stop taking pictures of their food and posting it to Instagram, the addictiveness is so immense. Being such a visual person I wanted to try a little experiment using my Colour and Lines combined with the mechanics of the liking system found on Instagram. This probably sounds a bit vague, but stay with me...

With Instagram being such a visual platform - I wanted to create a piece of communication that would allow me to give back to people who 'like' my work - thus Tap the Gap was born, view the project here - Colour and Lines x Instagram


The mechanic itself was really simple, it needed to be. The thing people always get wrong with social sharing is putting too many stumbling blocks in front of the user - remove these barriers and make sharing an effortless approach. I'm hugely thankful to all the people who have stuck with me and my work - all the ace words and emails requesting prints have spurned me on to craft more and more images.


The shelf life of the project is quite limited as when it's done, it's done - proud to say that a fair few people have been making their own TapTheGap versions - go forth and conquer!