Second Wednesday

second wednesday

I was invited by the ace guys at Second Wednesday #SecWed to pop over to Nottingham and give a talk at their Antenna venue. With the short notice I decided to go with an 'Ink & Influence' theme - talking about the trials and tribulations of becoming a creative - the highs, the lows and everything in between. From the looks of the crowd it was safe to say it was a pretty weird - but wonderful talk.

second wednesday 2

Apart from barrelling on about my experiences, work and clients I was able to get across how different everyone is an that there is no defacto method of becoming a creative, and this is what gets me excited about the industry. If everyone was the same then every bit of work we put out there would be completely identical. Don't get me wrong, silo'ing people into a role can be advantageous in the right circumstances, but when it comes to myself - I thoroughly enjoy the ability to stretch my talents across a multiple array of mediums.

second wednesday 3

Apart from being in control of an awesome laser pointer through my talk - I had the chance to meet a few people from the audience at the end and talk about their situation and current status in life. This to me was the best part of the evening, when I can answer and ask questions - talk to people about the way they do things and build relationships. Take it from me, if you get a chance to talk at an event - jump at it!

Congrats to those people who received a FREE print too, my shops going live this week!

Thanks to Chris Allwood & Lucie Delacy for looking after me on the night (-:

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