Behance Character Served Feature

Behance Characters Served

Characters are the lifeblood of most computer games, in particular Ryu and Ken from Nintendo's Street Fighter. I was never really a Nintendo fan and mostly owned Sega's Mega Drive and Game Gear - it was only when I used to visit my cousins that we would all gather around the SNES and fight it out to be the SF champion. Underneath the gaming structure there's a solid narrative behind each character too - I believe this to be one of the main reasons why the game saw such success through the 90s and beyond.

The curatorial team over at Behance have again chosen one of my projects to be featured, this time in their Characters Served arena. I'm really chuffed about this and loving the awesome comments from the public saying such ace things about my approach. I've never been one to hang my own work on my walls but I'd definitely go for the entire SF collection I've done so far.

Big thanks to the curatorial team at Behance - you can view the project here - Colour and Lines Part Quatre