Colour and Lines x YouTube E3

Colour and Lines x YouTube E3 Key Art

Everyone watches YouTube these days, whether you want to admit it or not - it's become an intrinsic part of our daily behaviour. I was lucky enough to be contacted by them to pitch for the key art for their presence at the biggest gaming event of the year E3

The original brief was quite sketchy and light on the ground - simply asking me to 'do what I do' and create the lock up for the event and then some supporting assets. I'm guessing you can hear those alarm bells as well when it comes to having such a light brief, with this in mind I did manage to wangle a bit more info from the stakeholder which gave me a good basis to apply my craft. Everything should start with a solid brief, covering all questions allowing you to be as divergent as you want to be within the confines of what's required.

Initially I began my sketching process - exploring how the YouTube logo will sit with the E3 LIVE type, playing around with the size of each element. As they are both huge brands I wanted to give them both an equal amount of clarity. After a few sheets of compositions I finally felt happy with my choice of a stacked approach. I then hit the computer to start visualising this.

YouTube E3 Stage 1

After crafting a lockup that I was happy with, I began creating a unique E3 thumbprint - something that could be completely ownable by the brand and event.

YouTube E3 Lines

The curved lines of the thumbprint also represented the flow of people through the event and their absorption of all the innovative media and hardware.

E3 Thumbprint

With the lockup and line-work in place I was then able to start looking at how this could come alive. Reading up on the history of the event - it's been renowned for being the place to be for all the innovative news about new and emerging tech and games - so I decided to bring back all those characters that have stood the test of time in the gaming world, including Mario, Ryu, Ken and Master Chief.

Characters 1
Characters 2
Characters 3

One of the major pitfalls with a project like this is how much flexibility you get with big brands, well - all brands come to think of it. Initially I used my pinkish colour for the YouTube logo - this was a bit of a no-no but I thought I'd try and push it. I knew it was a bit of a cheeky move but it'd definitely make some waves! Ultimately the decision came to change it back to the original colour-ways - not a massive killer as it actually helped with clarity of brand an complimented the other colours involved.

Colour change

The next pitfall came in the way that we couldn't get sign-off from Capcom for the use of their characters - this ultimately meant that I had to scrap the character route and begin thinking about how the identity of the event could run without my chosen route. 

I began looking at various methods of interaction when people play games and use their media, this brought to mind all the shapes on the controller buttons and the directional motions of the analogue sticks. I translated this into shapes and forms that could interact and be used as the brands essence.

Shapes 1
Shapes 2-2
Shapes 2

With every project there's always ups and downs in the creative process, it's how resilient you are when you come to these problems that will get you ahead in this game.

Unfortunately after smashing the brief I was unsuccessful in winning the gig, it's a tough hit but I stayed composed all the way through and definitely still determined to do good work for good people. Onwards and upwards.