Working with a streetwear brand - AnyForty

AnyForty - Art Is Our Weapon

This year I was asked by Alan Wardle, owner of streetwear brand AnyForty to join the family and craft some colour and lines for a t-shirt. Every so often AnyForty releases a new collection of clothing which is the culmination of existing and rising talent of the creative world, this collection was my chance to get people wearing my colour and lines! 

The curation of t-shirts was based on the theme AIOW 'Art Is Our Weapon' with each creative applying their style to the theme. Putting my chufffed'ness for being involved aside - I was accompanied by some awesome creatives including 45RPM, Travis Price, Ohnoes, Dale Bigeni and Ashley Willerton who also created the downright awesome main type treatment for the collection. 

Anyforty t-shirt 1

I started my approach by applying a bit of research into the area of art & war, this lead me down a few of routes. After eliminating a couple of routes I focused my attention on people who wear their art and how it ties back to the war - particularly to represent their unit. I've always had a fondness for Sailor Jerry's tattoos so I decided to give my own take on the style. 

The AIOW theme has been so successful that it has been bolstered with enamel pins and sticker sheets which will be available soon. I've had nothing but awesome feedback from the community and tons of people repping my design out in the world. The more you guys buy, the more we'll be able to keep on making cool stuff. 

Anyforty 2

I've been a huge fan of the AnyForty brand and am massively humbled to have been asked to join, so a big thank you goes out to Alan Wardle. Here's a nice little write up about the recent Art Is Our Weapon drop by VNA Magazine:

Anyforty Badge

You can view the entire project over on my Behance page.

Particular awesome photography by Rick Nunn.


T3 Magazine

T3 Magazine - Absolutely Phabulous

Having spent two years with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and only recently making my way back to Apple I found my recent commission tied in very well with the highs and lows I myself experienced.

I threw down some shapes for an article called Absolutely Phabulous and was based heavily on the cutting edge world of mobile phones. My concept explored the envious nature each device relishes between each other.

You can find the full project over on my behance page.

I originally created two colour variants and definitely think the right one was chosen, but here's a little look at the alternative below:

Alternative colourway

Alternative colourway

My favourite part of the illo's was a nice little nod to nostalgia including the trusty old Nokia 5110 - best phone I've ever had!


Wired Magazine - Wired World in 2016

Wired Magazine - November 2015

I've been getting a lot of fun vibes from people about my Colour and Lines, so a big thank-you for that! Wired's always been one of my fave mags, there's the amazing content, there's the mind-meltingly great editorial design and then there's the cover with it's textured tactile tasty touchy feely approach. 

This issue is particularly awesome as it has a bit of my art flowing through it - you can find them in the Special Feature section - ooooh. Had tons of fun whipping up the illustrations associated to multiple themes including the Future of Collaboration and Robot Trucks, yeah - I just said Robot Trucks! Who wouldn't like throwing down some shapes for a theme like that!

Here's a swift snippet of one of the illustrations:

Wired Magazine Spot Illustration November 2015

You can view the entire project over on my - Behance page.

When I received the commission I also had a little 'wooo' - chuffedness moment as my illustrations run along side one of my favourite creatives Stefan Sagmeister, that right there is another reason to get your hands on the mag.

Big thanks go to the AD - Ben Fraser

illustration, event


glug sweden

Sweden Bound! Well, not me - but my art - I was asked by GLUG to create a piece of work for the first Glug night in Sweden. Armed with my colour and lines I went forth and threw down some shapes - wavy lines and a heavy looking Swedish flag.

For those of you unfamiliar with Glug: 

Glug is a series of events for the design and creative community. Our showcase event is held in London but there are now 10 other events around the world.
glug sweden

One of the best things I've found through my career is that collaborating and working with people who share the same passion as you has the ability to push your enthusiasm through the roof.

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Success is sometimes short-lived, in this case it's more of a tongue in cheek look at the subject. My good friend Jenny Theolin recently got in touch to see if I'd like to take part in her recent project The Fiasco Manifesto, a showcase of collaborators from all walks of life who work with Jenny on a project by project basis. 

I was given the following sentence to turn into whatever I wanted...


Being quote an open brief I decided to snap my arm and illustrate the shit out of it - because... who doesn't like tattoos? I'm particularly fond of the memory of my father saying I'll never get a job when I came home one day with my neck tattooed which ties in quite nicely with the subject matter.

On show is a total of 10 collaborators including:

Dan Bull
Dave Brown
Rob Clarke
Lizzie Mary Cullen
Oli Frape
Dominique Byron
Tash Wilcocks
Nick Chaffe
Give Up Art