Working with a streetwear brand - AnyForty

AnyForty - Art Is Our Weapon

This year I was asked by Alan Wardle, owner of streetwear brand AnyForty to join the family and craft some colour and lines for a t-shirt. Every so often AnyForty releases a new collection of clothing which is the culmination of existing and rising talent of the creative world, this collection was my chance to get people wearing my colour and lines! 

The curation of t-shirts was based on the theme AIOW 'Art Is Our Weapon' with each creative applying their style to the theme. Putting my chufffed'ness for being involved aside - I was accompanied by some awesome creatives including 45RPM, Travis Price, Ohnoes, Dale Bigeni and Ashley Willerton who also created the downright awesome main type treatment for the collection. 

Anyforty t-shirt 1

I started my approach by applying a bit of research into the area of art & war, this lead me down a few of routes. After eliminating a couple of routes I focused my attention on people who wear their art and how it ties back to the war - particularly to represent their unit. I've always had a fondness for Sailor Jerry's tattoos so I decided to give my own take on the style. 

The AIOW theme has been so successful that it has been bolstered with enamel pins and sticker sheets which will be available soon. I've had nothing but awesome feedback from the community and tons of people repping my design out in the world. The more you guys buy, the more we'll be able to keep on making cool stuff. 

Anyforty 2

I've been a huge fan of the AnyForty brand and am massively humbled to have been asked to join, so a big thank you goes out to Alan Wardle. Here's a nice little write up about the recent Art Is Our Weapon drop by VNA Magazine:

Anyforty Badge

You can view the entire project over on my Behance page.

Particular awesome photography by Rick Nunn.