Colour and Lines Mixtape - Electric Lime


1hr 43min of music to work to:

As you've probably noticed I can smash through an enormous amount of illustrations in a short time, I part blame this on massively loving what I do paired with listening to music at a mentally loud volume through my Bose headphones. I hope the naming of my headphones doesn't make me sound like a snob - it's just I can't stand listening to poor quality music and if your like me and you really appreciate your tunes then I recommend investing in some quality hardware!

Having awesome hardware is only 60% of the journey and if your using a mac then you've come across the same problem as me - sh*t sound control. Bear with me as I'm gallopping to a point, I use Spotify as my main source of music and the only downside to the platform is that it doesn't come with an EQ. So, let's get technical - I use a workaround which some of you may be familiar with, it's a combination of using Soundflower and Au Lab. What these two do is apply a global form of sound control to everything that's coming out of your mac. There's a ton of features but I only require the EQ, pump that base and treble!

Oooof, just look at that control!

Oooof, just look at that control!

I won't get into the nitty gritty as there's tons of walkthrough's that can tell you better than me how to install the EQ - here's one of them by the guys over at

How To: Equalize Your Computer for iTunes, Spotify, Everything Else 

So there you have it, my first instalment of working tunes and a walkthrough on how to get your mac sounding like a dream.