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Wired Magazine - November 2015

I've been getting a lot of fun vibes from people about my Colour and Lines, so a big thank-you for that! Wired's always been one of my fave mags, there's the amazing content, there's the mind-meltingly great editorial design and then there's the cover with it's textured tactile tasty touchy feely approach. 

This issue is particularly awesome as it has a bit of my art flowing through it - you can find them in the Special Feature section - ooooh. Had tons of fun whipping up the illustrations associated to multiple themes including the Future of Collaboration and Robot Trucks, yeah - I just said Robot Trucks! Who wouldn't like throwing down some shapes for a theme like that!

Here's a swift snippet of one of the illustrations:

Wired Magazine Spot Illustration November 2015

You can view the entire project over on my - Behance page.

When I received the commission I also had a little 'wooo' - chuffedness moment as my illustrations run along side one of my favourite creatives Stefan Sagmeister, that right there is another reason to get your hands on the mag.

Big thanks go to the AD - Ben Fraser